Acer Aspire Revo

The Acer Hornet, the first NVIDIA Ion product was launched as the Aspire Revo a small-sized nettop capable of providing users with a true home entertainment solution. The desktop computer system featured a design similar to that of Nintendo's much-hyped Wii gaming console, while providing the end user with a choice for a low-power PC, capable of delivering support for some gaming applications, Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 operating systems, as well as 1080p video.

Apple has made the computing such a small that a CPU can be carried like a palmtop.

On that note, we had our first chance at putting the Ion-based Aspire Revo through its paces earlier this month, an event we waited for with great anticipation. Some of us here at Softpedia were already thinking of our next computer purchase, setting our eyes one some of these new low-power PCs that could provide for an excellent second PC solution. Now, without further ado, we should head on the review itself, pointing some of the pluses and minuses of the low-power PC.